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7 Reasons Why Great Disney Gifts Aren’t Found Only At Theme Parks

If you’re looking for Disney gifts, you could shop at the park just like everyone else. Still, if you want to please your Disney appetite or fan, it might be better to shop away from the park. When taking a trip to Disney or Universal Studios, shopping off site can be your best move. This doesn’t mean you settle for something less than original though. Here are the top 7 reasons why great Disney gifts might not be found at the park.

Number 1: You Save a Lot of Money

Let’s face it - a trip to a Disney theme park is not cheap. Given the creativity and advanced entertainment technology, many agree the price is worth it. When it comes to purchasing memorabilia though, buying at an officially licensed Disney retailer can save you 50-70% off the theme park cost.

Number 2: Wide Selection

In the park, the idea is to enjoy the attractions and rides. When you go to the gift shop, however, you might have a reduced selection. A retailer outside of the park isn’t limited by the same in-park restrictions. This means you may uncover something unique or that specifically fits your taste.

Number 3: All the Disney Brands in One Place

When you shop at one of the better Disney merchandise stores, you get to choose from all the brands now under the Disney flagship. This includes Star Wars, Marvel and of course all your old friends from the Disney universe (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, etc.).

Number 4: Get Florida Gifts not Found at the Park

Many people who visit South Florida take advantage of seeing other parts of our beautiful state. Independent gift shops offer a wide range of non-Disney memories. These might be Orlando Florida souvenirs which can often be customized with your name.

Number 5: Get Classic or Out of Circulation Products

At an independent Disney gift shop, there’s a good chance you’ll discover some rare or out-of-circulation products. In the park, they stock only the latest souvenirs, but that doesn’t mean they are the best. If you’re looking for something truly original that others can’t find, try an out-of-the park store.

Number 6: Easier to Return or Exchange

If you notice your item is defective or you changed your mind, getting back into the park to exchange an item can be a challenge. If you buy at a local Orlando Disney retail store, however, you can easily go back to the store to process your return or exchange.

Number 7: Max Out Theme Park Time

When you’re in Disney or visiting Universal Studios, there’s a ton of things to do. Who wants to spend time shopping? Instead, enjoy the park without squeezing in souvenir buying time. Later, when you leave the park, shop for Disney gifts at your leisure at a store nearby.

Treasure Island Gift Shop offers merchandise officially licensed by Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Store hours are from 9am - 11pm. We’re closeby the theme parks. Come visit us!

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