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It's a great time of the year as Disney Parks begins a new horizon for panelists who have joined the Disney Parks Moms Panel. Beginning in 2008, with only 12 panelists in the inaugural year, and with millions since who have made Disney Parks Moms Panel a key step in pulling together Disney vacations for the last 11 years and also based upon the expert knowledge of those many others who have gone before them. Twelve panelists were added in January, 2019, joining more than approximately 40 panelists who can boast of the highest knowledge derived from their vacations and experiences with Walt Disney World. The panelists have lived through many, many mutually benefiting events about bundling details on how to do Disney vacation planning. Their vacation knowledge and experience serve many others who are seeking that "know how" for their own Disney vacation.  Available in four languages, the selection for 2020 panelists, that concluded in September, 2019, will open again in September, 2020, for those who have these skills to again apply and, if selected, to become future panelists. The online question and answer forum for those planning Disney vacations, or just curious guests, Disney Parks Mom Panel panelists who have a multi-language reach (Portuguese, Spanish, French and English) become a source for insights and personalized tips focused upon gaining trust and contributing knowledge. If you are looking for this horizon, then you are in the right place, as Walt Disney World again shows what it is made of; giving care and practicing respect for those millions who rely upon its ability to creatively lead its guests to enjoy successful adventures. If you desire quality assurance, this is another way that Disney delivers, again and again. All of this points as to how the local community relies upon the Disney presence so as to highlight the locals' own mark with their contribution as to how you can bring yourself closer to the Disney community. When you have something nice from Walt Disney World with its name for yourself and your family and friends, it becomes your own treasure. For special gifts, visit Treasure Island Gift Shop. It is located close to the Walt Disney World Theme Park at 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, FL 32836. Whether it be selective Disney family things to wear or from their many other choices, you won't be disappointed at Treasure Island Gift Shop. To make good use of what panelists offer, guests can opt in at and receive answers to their questions. You can fulfill a thirst for knowledge from panelists who know the answers. Panelists are known for their higher levels of capability in handling tough questions. With the collective totals, there have been more than 122,334 hours of Disney Parks and Resorts contributed or more than 1,536 Disney vacations embedded in the combined total. Simply put, that's a lot of knowledge, why not make use of it.

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