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All about Sunglasses

In the Florida tropics when it comes to eye protection, the eyes are more important than fashion and styles. If you can't see because of optical damage, then the looks of sunglasses probably will not make much difference. Not only in Florida, it's all over when direct sunlight burns away your environmental protection, lea

ving little left to guard against the sun's rays. Guarding against the threat means you choose carefully what you place over your eyes before the damage occurs. So, let's say you and your family are on vacation in Florida, then be sure all of you cover your eyes safely before heading for the theme parks at Walt Disney World or anywhere else.  At Treasure Island Gift Shop, located close to Disney, 12399 State Road 535, Orlando, FL 32836, a selection of sunglasses is offered. Ultra violet protection from radiations is offered in most sunglasses, but the level of protection may be different. Lens made from triacetate are given credit for blocking out 40% of UV radiations and CR-39R marked plastics offer about 88% of UV protection from radiations. Polarized sunglasses offer 100% protection against UV radiations and lenses made from polycarbonate material also give 100% protection against UV radiations. Even if it is a cloudy day, children and adults should wear sunglasses because clouds are not sufficient to block out rays of the sun. Blue light (high energy visible radiation) and UV radiation will pass through the clouds and even on rainy days pose a threat to the eyes. It has nothing to do with UV protection if the tint of the lenses is darker or black. There are some clear lenses that offer 100% protection against UV and blue light. A good idea is to avoid regarding these factors as a way to gauge the quality of sunglasses. UV radiation and blue light, emitted by the sun, can harm the retina of the eyes upon prolonged exposure to the sun rays if not protected. These radiations are also known to be associated with with more frequent occurrences of macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis along with other eye diseases, promoting complete, partial or temporary blindness if not blocked effectively. It will depend upon your selection as to if a cheaper pair of sunglasses will provide the protection your eyes will best receive. It is not always the cost that counts, so know the detail you need to know before you buy. Doing without sunglasses is not the best option. It depends upon your selection and don't forget that point. You can have your sunglasses tested and graded if you are not aware of the degree of effectiveness in blocking UV radiation and blue light. Remember, sunglasses are much more than just helping with visual clarity and reducing glare and distortions, it's really about your eyes, you know the one set that came along with you. Ask your optician.

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