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It was a well kept secret, who was buying all this land near Kissimmee and Orlando and not telling anybody, for what, who, who, who? Middle 1965, over $5,000,000,000 more than 27000 acres bought. You could still find some at $10 an acre but where and still a big who? It's history today and hardly a scrap left for anything really reasonable. And, as history would go, by the seventies, everyone knew the who part of it. Dear old Disney from Disneyland, California style. They came here of all places, quiet, fairly empty, and it soon became clear that what was happening here was nothing less than an event never to be really seen again so far in central Florida. It is easy to get lost in the maze of today's surroundings, real estate, offer it and they will come style. How many times has someone said it's all in the gift shops, the history, your piece of it, don't leave here without it, it came from here, have your piece(s) of it.  After all, it is original Florida things, authentic and for taking home to hang, place, to fit into your special place to remember your family's time spent here. The best gift places are hard to come by, but the Treasure Island Gift Shop offers what you need most, guidance of where to go to snap up for reasonable prices those great gift items well worth and still worth having. It's big, well stocked with almost everything imaginable, the family will love it for its variation of gifts for those among family and friends to choose from of all ages.  Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Rd., 535, Orlando, FL, 32836, worth the visit, convenient.  Disney didn't just come here, he brought a world of imagination with him. Remember Mickey Mouse? Still here and still a presence at Treasure Island Gift Shop. Minnie is there with him. Really, who can make this trip and not take something Mickey Mouse home with them? The world has tried its best to move this worldly history to its own doorstep and is still trying. But, it's already here, and so are you. Turn this bit of your personal history into something in your family history that you won't forget. The hunt for Disney that began all this was in the fifties. Don't go home today without your piece of it.  And, if Mickey Mouse doesn't grab you, then how about the thousands of other preferred gifts that make this part of the world worth remembering.

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