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Disney Movies!

It's already been a banner year in 2019 for Disney movies, only to further spread the already widespread worldwide culture of Disney creativity and its screen leadership role among followers. But, now to further say, it's full steam ahead and ongoing for 2020, and thereafter. A just arrived release brought out Lady and the tramp on November 12th, 2019. Also, on November 14th, it was spin your wheels with Ford v Ferrari, starring Matt Damon among other well known stars. And, still to come, Frozen 2, November 22nd. Arriving December 18 will be Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Looking forward to a bustling 2020 there are five new releases just through June: Onward, March 6th; Mulan, March 27th; Black Widow, May 1st; Artemis Fowl, May 29th, and Soul, June 19th. You don't need a scoreboard to keep count for the Disney movie record, awards and achievements and to recognize that its noted recognition is a well earned reputation the world over for the Walt Disney movie and it's productions. Close to Walt Disney World, many collectible pieces of Disney culture will be found in the aisles of Treasure Island Gift Shop at 12399 State Road 535, Orlando, Fl, 32836. On through 2026, the count will go on with the current releases bringing a big wave towards what's to come. That's not all in the "buzz" about Disney. The recently acquired 21st Century Fox along with its subsidiaries means you can add Avatar 2 and 3, 4 and 5 to those Disney Franchise titles, among others.  What does all of this say?  It means collectibles with the Disney name took another rather big step onward and upwards, wouldn't you say?

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