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Disney World update 2021

It's coming, it's here! Have your plans made room for all the exciting and awesome new designs, new creations and fresh overlay of Walt Disney World and EPCOT? Much is happening. The 2021 and 2022 Anniversary Celebration for 50 years, stretching into 2023. Remy's Ratatouville Adventure, Harmonious and Space 220 in EPCOT, all here in 2021 and maybe you need new track shoes to handle the "rush" as new horizons appear. Space 220 Restaurant  will have a special space elevator where guests will journey to the stars giving an aerial view of EPCOT, allowing day and night views of Earth from 220 miles high. Before we really begin, family and friends need to be remembered. Close by Walt Disney World is Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Road 535 , Orlando, FL 32826. Disney keepsakes, of all remembrances, make it a memorable and successful journey for your preferences. EPCOT's new park entrance construction walls are down, hurrah, with a new pylon fountain in front of Spaceship Earth. Probably not fully completed until 2023, Future World will be replaced with three new neighborhoods. Redesigns and other creations will join the 50th Anniversary and into 2022 and 2023 so as to guarantee Disney's leadership upon it's unity with the future and the overhaul underway. Harmonious debut is between Memorial Day and October 1st. Space 220 Restaurant will be about May, 2021. Already, Star Wars Galaxy"s Edge is open, a new themed universe, hailed as the biggest addition to Walt Disney World in years. It hasn't been long as a new creation but Top Story Land is already being expanded. At the front of EPCOT is Moana Journey of Water from the hit Disney film Moana, a lush water maze allowing living water and interaction with guests and planned for 2022. Two new resorts, Gran Destine Tower and Disney's Riviera Resort with Disney's Riviera and Caribbean Beach having highlighted connections to EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios through the new Disney Skyliner gondola system. Even the historically preserved character of Disney can be called "all new." Especially, if you are a buff of Walt Disney World, it's a new world. What better way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Celebration than by being there? Being a part of the festivities is to be a part of it's family, its legacy. Guess what? There's more!

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