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Finding Nemo!

At the edge of Australia's Great Barrier Reef papa clownfish Marlin and Coral, his wife, are building their family in an anemone with four hundred unhatched children when a barracuda strikes.  Afterward, Marlin is unconscious but upon coming to finds the barracuda has eaten Coral and all the eggs except one. Nemo, the one remaining and surviving son becomes a parental focus for Marlin who vows to protect him forever. As Nemo grows through boyhood, his childhood happiness shields him from the affects of a malformed fin from birth and the over protectiveness of his father Marlin. On a school outing, Nemo is taken by the teacher to the edge of the reef. Fraught with fear, marlin yells at Nemo for his daring venture into open water.  Making his way back, Nemo is fish-napped by scuba divers. In a long story, the story of finding Nemo, by Andrew Stanton and Walt Disney Pictures was produced by Graham Walters. Taking 2 1/2 years to produce with a $94 million budget the computer-animated adventure film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released in 2003 by Walt Disney Pictures. Michael Eisner, at the time the chief executive officer for the Disney subsidiary believed the production might fail, but that foresight was not supported because Pixar's Finding Nemo became its highest grossing film until 2010. The movie's popularity caused stress among clownfish. While the story's proclamation of "all drains lead to the ocean", referring to the escape from the fish-napping, Water Treatment Company JWC Environmental and Australia's Marine Aquarium Council gave public warnings that flushing would prove fatal to any pet fish.  There are many episodes in the film which account for the daily expectations in the life of different fishes and sea creatures, and the dangers they routinely face. Safe to say, other than the barracuda attack, the story has a very positive and happy ending with reunification for Marlin and Nemo, along with their friends they met along the way. Not disclosing much about the film's episodes leaves an opportunity for imagination and, further, to not spoil the film's beauty if you have not seen Finding Nemo. That said, the welcoming attraction of all the Disney World creations, to include Mickey and Minnie Mouse along with the Walt Disney family will be found at Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Rd 535 Orlando, FL 32836.  Treasure Island Gift Shop is close to the Walt Disney World of theme parks and it inventories much of what's Disney in gift selections for family and friends. Bring your gift list.

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