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Fridge Magnets!

Most of you know where to go in an instant when you must remember what you cannot forget such as that important name, telephone number or something else. Of course, you go to your refrigerator magnets. They have become the hub of the memory center, well at least for millions of memory seekers the world over. With all the fridge humming going on in the background, the fridge magnet center has a life of its own, including those of you with the "I need to know, now."  But, you know the magnet on your fridge goes much further than that; recipes, photographs, family notes, schedules, and you name it!  Or, "what's in the fridge to eat?" Seems simple enough. Maybe the most effective magnets are ones that keep it simple when "nothing has a place" was the first intended household use of the lowly refrigerator magnet. Today, you probably can't do without it. History shows the first fridge magnets developed was in the sixties-seventies with advertising in mind. However, the idea was soon to spread to other uses as the fridge magnet became the way of quick reminders for almost everything.Then, those with colorful jokes and  color cartoon magnets came along making the legacy of fridge magnets so much more than just a reminder. Coca Cola Collector's Club joined the fray early on and along with others, collections began to show what it's really like in today's fridge magnets' collector's world. Much of the modern world development of a more stable magnet came about in the sixties when the space industry moved its quest for more sturdy magnets to promote space related tourism and private business magnets, later also further promoting more colorful choices. The private market answered the call, creating mold compounds with metal, later becoming known as the injection molded magnet; fully magnetic, flexible and non abrasive. Known in the industry as the classic magnet, the inventing pioneer and mold-maker Sam Hardcastle, also created into his brass molds the art of cutting brass mold detail. From that, he began his own business manufacturing millions of magnets in the commercial market. The market soon developed into other widespread uses, including the souvenir industry. Shoppers, looking for vacation gifts from a journey to the theme parks, will try Treasure Island Gift Shop, located at 12399 State Road 535, Orlando, FL 32826. Treasure Island Gift Shop offers Walt Disney World family of characters and many other gift choices for family and friends. Today, having become the "message central" for households the world over, refrigerators, usually your home's largest metallic flat surface will become the magnets' magnet. There were various ways to meet the magnet purpose before its development which many may remember as bulletin boards that had thumb tacks when used for posting notes, or notebooks and calendars. "Magnets keep it simple!"     

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