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History of Mickey Mouse!

Disney Brothers Studio in 1927 belonged to Universal Pictures. The next year Disney refused to renegotiate the contracts. It was also that year when Walt Disney created the Lucky Rabbit called Oswald. Mortimor was the new name given by Walt Disney for Oswald, lovable and cheerful. But, it's been suggested, that Walt's wife was not very fond of the name so the name was changed to Mickey Mouse and that history has actually made history many times over. Nearly 94 years later, the Mickey Mouse world and its celebrity kingdom of characters and animations, its cartoons rotate around the world as the most inspiring ones among animation. In 1933, it became a much higher level of interest when the Mickey Mouse wrist watch on its first day of sale at New York Macy's sold 11,000 watches. This was one of the first signs of big success that showed the power behind the creation's marketing. The historic value behind Mickey Mouse today transcends to the highest level of animation and cartoons. Collectors long ago made history for Mickey Mouse. The gift world of the celebrity mouse ties in with its real world of gifts and close by to Disney World is the Treasure Island Gift Shop located at 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, Fl 32836 where Mickey Mouse makes his mark on gifts among his characters. The high pitched voice of Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney. He was sometimes known for poor behavior and a short temper. These years, with a more family-friendly presence, Mickey makes his worldwide family happy with his larger-than-life white gloves and floppy ears. He's into everything; videos, clothing movies and the comic culture. He is the magic behind Walt Disney and Disney World, where his smile brings out the best of all cultures. His glee promotes togetherness, positive emotion and meaning. Mickey Mouse moves followers to be look-a-likes the world over at events, outings, parties for the kids and adults with no limit on age. He is the star of theme parks around the world and tries to portray dreams, fantasy and the good things against evil towards best representing the Walt Disney Company. Although, having no magical powers, there is Mickey's belief that dreams can come true. It's said and many believe that Walt Disney hit the "jackpot" when he created Mickey Mouse. Today, while no more only a cartoon, the image and name of Mickey Mouse promotes every thing positive the world over for entertainment and animation. So, where ever you go for your young and older world of entertainment, take time out and remember: It's MICKEY MOUSE!

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