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A Look Ahead to Orlando in 2023: What’s in Store for Disney Gifts and Souvenirs?

With its world-renowned theme parks, pristine beaches, and stunning natural wildlife, Florida’s sunny city of Orlando has been a popular holiday destination for years. But what does the future hold for this tourist hotspot and its most beloved souvenirs—Disney gifts? Let’s take a look at the tourism projections for 2023 and explore some of the exciting possibilities!

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Tourism Is on the Rise

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Orlando is expecting a huge influx of visitors over the next few years. According to Visit Orlando, the area is projected to have nearly 75 million travelers by 2023—an increase of 12% from 2019. This means more people than ever will be looking to take home special souvenirs from their time in Florida.

What Disney Gifts Will Be Popular in 2023?

With so many people visiting Orlando each year, it makes sense that Disney gifts are some of the most popular souvenirs in town. But what type of Disney items should tourists expect to find in 2023? Some possibilities include Mickey Mouse ear hats with LED lights, Minnie Mouse T-shirts with sparkly sequins, and plush toy versions of all your favorite characters. Who wouldn’t want to take home something special like these as a reminder of their trip?

Of course, with new attractions coming to Walt Disney World Resort such as Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, there may be increased demand for themed merchandise featuring these popular movies. Plus, new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) could make buying Disney gifts even more fun by allowing customers to “try out” items virtually before they buy them!

As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond, one thing is certain—Orlando will remain one of America's top holiday destinations. And with an expected surge in tourism over the next few years, it's likely that demand for unique Disney gifts will also continue to rise. So if you're planning a trip soon or just dreaming about it until then, why not treat yourself or someone special to an unforgettable souvenir from your time in Florida! After all—there's no better way to remember your magical journey than with an enchanting memento from The Mouse House!

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