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Matching T-Shirts!

Why do couples wear matching t-shirts at Disney?  People polls around Orlando report that all the rage in Disney theme parks is dressing in clothes which focus upon their significant other.  And, the past history of Walt Disney World brings special attention to those who have been going to Disney theme parks without fail for years and follow up with annual anniversaries wearing matching outfits and special t-shirts to show mutual commitment to one another as well as an affection for the Disney world of entertainment. It gets widespread attention from newly weds and the union of love like "I love you" from her and "I know" from him. But, it doesn't stop there. While "territorial marking" may be a big reason, the outlook of the wearer puts a spotlight on "because we're that couple." Or, it's a place of happiness between them and a way to publicly show feelings of mutual happiness for all the world to see. The inner world of Disney becomes a prominent circle of attention with "I'll be your Minnie" and "I'll be your Mickey", finding Nemo seagulls with he's "mine, mine, mine" for her and his displaying "mine, mine, mine." How about I'm his or hers favorite thing with a banner that says "yo, we're totally happy together," or from the Disney movie Frozen, the lyrics of "Love is an Open Door" with matching t-shirts saying "we finish each other's sandwiches." Yours may say "to infinity" while the other proclaims "and beyond." Mixing the same color shirts can be an advantage because those with small children are easily spotted in the theme parks and else where, making it harder to get lost or having to use the cell phone every time just to keep together with the family group. Then there's her "king" and his "queen" which may be all about the Lion King, an animated favorite from Disney. The just married theme, not to be left out, tells all about a new life and venture together. Many themes there with the expense of a Disney wedding experience not to go unmentioned. While at Disney, close by is the Treasure Island Gift Shop, loaded with a world of Disney selections well suited for shopping for family and friends who want to remember their experience and are eager to get in on the popular rage of matching t-shirts or the world of Disney choices. Located at 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, FL 32836, Treasure Island Gift Shop is a hot spot for Walt Disney World's reasonably priced, well stocked choices.  Why not become a part of the rage where you can join in the great fun of Orlando's great entertainment festival and become included. Have a good time! 

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