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Mickey Mouse!

M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse...Mickey Mouse! This is the song you heard every day, not for hours or days, but for years, going to school, in, after school, out back of the house when no one was paying attention, this is what you heard, when modern day rock 'n roll was just getting started.  And, everybody was doing it. Then, in the neighborhood, it wasn't  heard as much. Gone, times changed, and it was rumored you weren't allowed to sing it anymore, something about copy right infringement, whatever, It was still heard, but not today, like it was before. The Mickey Mouse history started long before the Mickey Mouse Club in the sixties. November 28, 1928, It was then Walt Disney along with one of his creators, Ub Lwerks, invented Mickey Mouse. Much later, Walt, it was him, who at Disneyland on October 27, 1954 made his historical then comment of the day: "I hope we never lose sight of one thing~that it was all started by a mouse". Sporting red shorts, large yellow shoes, white gloves and big black button eyes the comical mascot of the Walt Disney Company with his ever present partner Minnie still today have thrilled millions through time, wars, and all the rest of history, fanny the blaze of the planet's free world hunger for laughter and joyful noise. Florida later became a home for Mickey along with his dog Pluto, friends Goofy and Donald Duck. Together, they have found the way to our hearts. Why not put some of that uplift in your life. In Orlando you too can bring a piece of that fun time into your day. There is an enormous selection of Disney and Florida memorabilia at Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, FL 32836., just the place to fill your family gift list. Guess what were the first words spoken by the animated Mickey Mouse? Hot dogs! Sound was added around 1929. Having appeared in over 130 films, it was Walt Disney"s 1942 "Lend a Paw"  that won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short film.  Walt Disney was the voice actor for both the mouses until 1946. First appearing in animated color in the 1935 color film The Band Concert , Mickey Mouse became the 1700th and first animated personality to have his star placed on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame in Los Angeles in 1978. The star made of brass and terrazzo, a black and red speckled material cost $30,000. Some youngins' of today say their moms and dads sang Mickey Mouse to them as a bedtime song. Was that You? Now, that's history. And you know what else ? That's also American!  M-I-C-K-E-Y  Mouse! 

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