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Calling all Disney fans: Mickey Mouse’s birthday is coming up! His 90th, to be exact, on November 18. In honor of this momentous occasion, we have put together his 9 cutest moments for you to look back on. Enjoy the nostalgia below!

1. Mickey (and Minnie’s!) 90th Birthday Party Celebration Outfits. Mr. Mouse will don a confetti covered suit, while the Mrs. will be wearing a puff sleeve dress with pompoms. How cute! You can see their outfits on full display at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disney Resort, and on the Disney Cruise Line.

Mickey Mouse Celebrates his 90th Birthday - Treasure Island Gift Shop
Mickey Mouse Celebrates his 90th Birthday - Treasure Island Gift Shop

2. Mickey’s 90th Spectacular! The star-studded event celebrates 90 years since Mickey made his debut on “Steamboat Willie.” There will be musical performances, tributes, and even some rare short films never shown before! Mark your calendars for November 4 from 8-10 pm on ABC!

3. Mickey: The True Original Exhibition. This showcase will open in NYC at 60 10th Avenue on November 8, and run until February 9. Media art installations, photo creations, and tons of original material will be featured to celebrate the true joy Mickey brought to everyone. You can purchase tickets here.

4. Fantasia. Who could forget the iconic 2000 film that brought animation and classical music together? Mickey conducted through a series of shorts, each having their own distinct vibe, yet the whole story still came together and made sense towards the end. One of the most famous is of course, “The Sorcerer’s Stone” where Mickey has magical powers. Check it out below!

5. Through the Mirror (1936.) One of the best Mickey Mouse animated shorts, this marked Disney’s return to Lewis Carroll inspired filmmaking (the first being Alice in Wonderland.)

6. The Mickey Mouse Club. This concept came into development in the 1950’s when televisions were just being introduced. The show, which had an impressive 40+ year run, restyled Mickey Mouse to become a staple in children’s lives for years to come. Featured Mouseketeers were now-popular names like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling in the 1990’s. They performed skits and hosted segments along with the rest of the cast. This also marked Mickey’s transformation from a cartoon character to the “face of Disney.”

Mickey Mouse Club Treasure Island Gift Shop
Mickey Mouse Club Treasure Island Gift Shop

7. Mickey has been ‘unfrozen’ (aka: able to move more freely about the screen) a few times over the years for certain movies, including 1983’s Mickey’s Christmas Carol, and 1990’s The Prince and the Pauper. The Christmas movie was also nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Animated Short Film.”

8. Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mickey Mouse was the very first animated fictional character to get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1978. Don’t worry guys: Minnie got hers too, more recently in fact, in January 2018.

9. Mickey Mouse 2.0: The most recent places you may have seen Mickey Mouse are Disney’s Mickey Mouse (2013-present) which is a TV show released on; and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which was an animated series that aired for 10 years, from 2006-2016. You can still catch reruns on Disney Junior. In 2009, Disney did a slight rebranding of Mickey for their video games, playing up his adventurous side as opposed to just showing him as an “everyman, good guy” mouse.

We are celebrating Mickey’s big day all November at Treasure Island Gift Shop! Come in and get your favorite mouse plus tons more fun souvenirs, toys, apparel and the list goes on. Visit us!

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