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Star Wars

It's busy at Walt Disney World for the end of 2019 with the release of the final and ninth family film "The Rise of Skywalker",  Rise of the Resistance as a new ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida and new episodes on Disney+ of "The Mandalorian."  Being the second ride in Galaxy's Edge Star Wars, the upbeat creative expansion creates a new section in Hollywood Studios. Rise of the Resistance aims to bring fans into a Star Wars movie. Creating a thrill ride inside the hangar bay of a Star Destroyer, a rescue mission begins after visitors are hauled into a brig by First Order Troops. Popularity of the ride requires Disney to ask park guests to use an app on smart phones to reserve their spot in a virtual queue on the morning of their visit. Black Spire Outpost on distant desert planet Batuu is where visitors have their own adventure. Future planning includes a Star Wars themed hotel and a Galactic Starcruiser ride. Costumed characters will be added roaming through Galaxy's Edge. Star Wars land has opened as the created transport for visitors to Black Spire because designers wanted a new place, not of an older experience previously traveled in early films. Cast members have established back stories in Galaxy's Edge where staying in character can become an issue like when one character asked where he was from named a California town instead of somewhere on  planet Batuu. Star Wars themed shops and restaurants are plentiful. Ticket cost is $109 to $125 for one day ages 10 plus at one park but there is an array of deals and details  Gifts for family and friends from your Disney World vacation are a big part of Treasure Island Gift Shop, located close to Disney World at 12399, State Road 535, Orlando FL 32836. Two rides are currently planned for Galaxy's Edge. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, now open. Second ride, Rise of the Resistance is designed as the most ambitious attraction Disney has ever built. Then, there's Star Wars new Disney+ streaming series "The Mandalorian" with "The Child" known as "Baby Yoda." Response to The Child has caused Disney officials to speak of its popularity. Its first season wraps December 27 and production for its second season has begun. Many unnamed planets have already been visited in the series of The Mandalorian and they look like Black Spire Outpost. Disney officials are not saying much about Season Two. Disney designing chat recognizes just how big the universe is and the Mandalorian "tends to frequent those parts of the galaxy that are maybe a little bit more off the beaten path," said Scott Trowbridge, portfolio creative executive for Walt Disney Imagineering.

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