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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Are you on board and strapped in for super galactic impressions."It's coming", the biggest ever expansion for a single-theme park addition on only one property at the Disney World complex in Orlando. In August the opening with its 14-acre Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Its universe is closer than you think at Walt Disney World Resort. Being a massive game changer for Orlando, its theme park growth sorts out everything related to make all of central Florida a part of this game-changing action. And, to prepare yourself for the new galactic horizon, just peak out your own window and watch it all happen, as Disney leaves its imprint on the culture, economically, family wise, and otherwise. If you are ready for this overwhelming opportunity, then you may want to be among those first driven to jump right in and find your own niche. Got friends or family coming for the events surrounding the newly created expansion and the theme park lands, then have a place to go for those things they will find for their friends and family. To tie in with what is happening include the Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, FL, 32836 where Disney has already left its mark with Mickey Mouse, including Minnie, others and the mark of the Disney world of things. And, that's not all. There's more, much more. So much to choose from, reasonable, it's big, convenient, close to the theme park universe, just what is needed to make their journey well worth the time. Galaxy"s Edge fits into some of the swampland space, southwest corner, formerly a part of the Studio Backlot Tour. Opening day will also feature one of its new attractions it's Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run. For any age, six cockpit chairs, two larger high-backed chairs and four captain's chairs, participation resembles party game electronics where good communications is encouraged. And, it isn't over. More planned for Star Wars, including hotel construction in the works for both Orlando and California. Galaxy's Edge in timeline with Star Wars? You could see some elements get touched upon and some of the land's new additions with Black Spire Outpost already seen as growth and expansion moves forward. This theme park world, if you live in it  or if you only find your way here because it is exciting and a positive place to be, those local qualities offer a positive opportunity. Take care of your friends when they come to visit. Take them to places like The Treasure Island Gift Shop. Make their day. Thanks to Walt Disney and the world created by all of Disney. They made a difference! Today, they make a difference! 

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