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The day Disney Opened

Let's go back to  the opening day of Walt Disney World on October 1, 1971. To say it was "quiet" is an under statement at best and surrounded by swampland would be a more accurate description. Today, mention Orlando and you're looking at a hot population of more than two million residents and over 88 million tourists in the first nine months of last year. Being one of the most populous cities in North America, each day there's an average of 2.7 million people in Orlando. So, one can imagine, unless you were there, how sparse were your surroundings. Walt Disney saw into his future the city of tomorrow and that this was his intention for tomorrow. His loss came before the awesome and modern success of the Magic Kingdom and its ever growing international development. But, for Orlando the investment genie was out of the bottle and well on its way to being the worldwide theme park showcase it has become. Tropical Florida has led the way with such great surrounding successes as Treasure Island Gift Shop located at 12399 State Road 535, Orlando, FL 32826. Close to the Disney World theme parks, the Disney characters build upon the local area attraction for visitors who connect upon their own world of Disney for family and friends. It's the place to go for your own piece of family Disney and Disney World buffs take advantage of that connection.  After Walt Disney, brother Roy Disney made the difference in fulfilling Walt's dream. Upgraded structural integrity and remodeled aesthetics has occurred over the years to the older buildings and standing the test of time, the older once looking a little barren bears a difference in appearance between the older and more recent look. The early look took on a futuristic journey but the terrain below was, well swampy just as the word implies with almost every dollar spent on the ever developing progress of Magic Kingdom, to keep renewing itself towards paying for the Florida project. Optimism has been a key magic wand in making something out of nothing happen and out of  this, the future of Orlando has happened. It isn't over as thousands have committed themselves to making this strategic central Florida example an awesome commercial reality. Journalists flocked to the Disney World opening in 1971, all paid for by Disney. Seen as "a stunning architectural triumph", the swamps were filled and architectural design of the best scope became reality. New parks, hotels, themes that impress almost everyone show this world of Disney to be the star of the world it is and, by the way, showing no intention of slowing down as it recreates itself every year with what's new and what's to come in entertaining populations and which made Orlando a showcase second to none. 

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