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The Little Mermaid

In The Little Mermaid,1989, being forbidden from going on land by her father King Triton, the youngest daughter and rebellious 16-year old princess Ariel, who dreams of becoming human to gain a human soul, and going on land to be with Eric, a human, mortal prince with whom she has fallen in love. She goes to see the terrible sea witch Ursula who had been banished by Ariel's father, in hopes of being given passage to land to be with her love, Eric. She makes a dangerous three-day deal with Ursula, hoping her wish will come true?  Unknown to Ariel, Ursula plans to get revenge on Ariel's father by destroying the little mermaid.  Not to be telling the story ahead of the awesome details such as the "kiss of true love" that follow for the openly lovesick Ariel, it is no wonder the animated musical film first released November 17,1989 and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation, brought in more than $84 Million at the box office, domestically, on its initial release in 1989. And, $211 Million gross worldwide over its lifetime with an initial budget of $40 Million. The story is similar to the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale by the same name. The animated musical romantic fantasy film, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Pictures, owned by The Walt Disney Company, in 1989 was nominated for five Oscar awards, including two wins, make it a film to put on your "must see"  list, if you haven't already. To go with your Disney adventure, Disney items are available for your selection including Mickey Mouse and Minnie, the other Disney family, friends and gift pieces at Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, FL 32836. Close to the Disney World theme park, much of what is Disney will be found here for your gift selections for family and friends. A reasonable place to shop, all air-conditioned for Florida summertime shopping, well-stocked, just what visitors are looking for when in the area for the theme parks with plenty of assistance available. You may be surprised after weathering all the twists and turns in the story of The Little Mermaid, how the romantic fairy tale evolves to an ending worthy of all love stories, so let us not tell you here but ask you to save the ending for its rightful time, and in your heart of hearts. Everyone may need a love story to tell, this one may be yours. Certainly for the young ones it has a story to tell, immersed in fairy tale detail that only Disney can describe so well where younger viewers will understand so well.       

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