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The Story of Lilo & Stitch

Lilo and Stitch as a galactic imprint gives "love and family" to the little Hawaiian girl Lilo who names a blue, six- limbed snarling creature and tiny extraterrestrial pet (experiment #626 trying to impersonate a dog ) as her adopted dog Stitch. Created in 2002 as a Disney media franchise, Stitch escapes on the way to a prison asteroid and flees to little known and far away Earth with two alien agents from the Galactic Federation in hot pursuit to recapture the genetically and illegally created escapee; scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba,  sentenced to jail by the federation, created the nearly indestructible experiment. Once on Earth, Lilo adopts the dog experiment #626 (Stitch). Now unrecognizable to the pursuing agents, they are stumped about their failure to bring Stitch into custody and of how to tell the federation's Grand Councilwoman for fear of their own punishment. After soul searching, Stitch who intended at first to use Lilo as a human shield to avoid recapture, begins to understand love and family. Following a bit of an emotional trajectory, the Federation finds recourse through its grand council and today in 2019 after years of its history, Lilo and Stitch with Kingdom Hearts III  as a video game and among several theme park attractions over the years, its modern day lure goes on. Numerous spin-offs keep Lilo and Stitch popular. Disney popularity in fact opens doors when you fit into the Disney World. It is at the Treasure Island Gift Shop, 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, FL 32836, where you will find the Disney culture a part of every day life. Close to the Disney worldly and universal galactic view of all things between where ever and Earth, also discover the new and the historic reputation in this emporium of original Florida gifts and treasures. Treasure Island Gift Shop blends well together with the central Florida scope of theme parks. Mickey Mouse, Minnie and other Disney family members are here along with much more. You don't need a road map, just bring your notes for those gifts to take back with you for friends and family. Don't forget them. Take a piece of Florida's Disney World for yourself, with its history, its culture, imagination, love and family, like Lilo and Stitch.    

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