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Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Last Minute Christmas Shopping Done at Treasure Island Gifts

Attention holiday shoppers: if you are in need of some wonderful gifts this season, we have 10 reasons why your next stop should be the Treasure Island Gift Shop! Keep reading below to find out why you should be fulfilling all your holiday needs at Treasure Island Gifts.

1. Great hours. Treasure Island Gift Shop is open every day from 9 am until 11 pm, which means both early birds and night owls can get their shopping done!

2. Location, location, location. Located right in the heart of Orlando, this Florida treasure (no pun intended!) has been a beacon for tourists and locals alike to come and have an enjoyable shopping experience. It doesn’t get any better than the convenient location – and yes, there are plenty of parking spaces! Win win for everyone.

3. You can’t beat the prices! Little items like luggage tags or keychains are only a few bucks, and their quality clothing doesn’t go any higher than $22. Talk about amazing deals! Fun gifts under $25? Sign us up!

4. So. Many. Choices. In addition to keychains and luggage tags, Treasure Island Gifts offers a wide range of clothing and accessories. Items include: tee shirts, shorts, dresses, sweat pants, lounge wear, costumes/dress-up, and jackets or hoodies. If you’re not a huge clothing fan, they have beach towels, mugs, sunglasses, glasses, trinkets, and other décor. What more could you want?

5. Great for all ages! TI has something for everyone, beginning from babies and into adulthood.

6. Both online and in person shopping. For Florida locals, the drive to 12399 State Road 535, Orlando, Florida 32836 is easy. But people outside Florida have options too, thanks to TI’s extensive online presence. You can shop them here, or call: +1(407)-778-1327. And yes, they have email too:

7. Disney galore! If you didn’t know this already, Treasure Island Gift Shop is the leading retailer in Disney and Florida souvenirs, so you know you’re making the right choice for any Disney fan you know. From costumes to cups, you are pretty much guaranteed something with a lovable face on it. There’s Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and all your favorite Disney princesses! Collectables from the Disney movie Frozen and the hit Disney Channel show Lilo & Stitch are also available!

8. Clothes and collectables. Again with the variety, but it’s totally true: Treasure Island really has anything you can think of. There’s every day wear and fun accessories if you’re into fashion; or if you prefer collecting, I don’t know – coffee mugs and keychains, they have you covered there too! It’s the perfect match, really: wearable items and keepsakes, plus a memorable Disney, TV, or cartoon character? Yes, please.

9. Classic and modern pieces. Whether you only wear black and white, or you can’t get enough of the newest trends, TI has something that you’re sure to love. The clothes come in black and white, classic Mickey Mouse characters, and even some fancier graphics and print, like gold ink. There’s the traditional tulle with the princess gown, or you can grab a fun pair of ‘sunstaches’ – aka: sunglasses with the Minions of Despicable Me!

10. Their blog = tons more gift ideas!! If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the possibilities, or you’re curious but unsure of where to start, Treasure Island has a solution for that. Enter: their blog! Various writers have pulled the ‘top’ items and compiled specific lists (check out this one for ever so-tricky teens!) that help narrow your choices and make you feel confident in your gift selection. I’d call that some pretty smart shopping.

Check out Treasure Island Resort Wear & Gifts Shop at: 12399 State Road 535, Orlando, Florida 32836. Good luck shopping, and happy holidays!

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