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Top 6 Favorite Minnie Mouse Moments

Counting down the six best moments featuring Miss Minnie Mouse!

Mickey Mouse has had a lot of attention in the recent months, but we can’t forget his famous partner! Nobody can miss the adorable red and white polka dots, big red bow, and adorable giggle from the one and only, Miss Minnie Mouse! Did you know Treasure Island Gifts has tons of Minnie dolls, figures, posters, and more? If you’re a true Minnie Mouse fan, you need to visit Treasure Island Gifts now.

1) 1928: inception. Minnie Mouse was originally created as a counterpart to Mickey Mouse, as he couldn't just appear alone. She was first introduced in a short, and was actually voiced by Walt Disney from 1928-1929.

2) She starred in her first feature film in 1988, when NBC aired a musical special called Totally Minnie with Minnie Mouse, Suzanne Somers, Elton John, and Robert Carradine. She even got to sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Elton himself! How cool is that? You can see their duet below!

3) Minnie's Bow-Toons. Minnie had her own show on Disney Junior that follows Minnie and her friends as she opens her own bow-tique (boutique). The show ran from 2011-2016.

4) In 2013, Minnie was restored to her original 1930's "flapper" getup, complete with a flowered bowling hat and fun dress.

5) Hollywood Walk of Fame: on January 22, 2018, Minnie Mouse received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California.

6) And of course, in late 2018, Minnie Mouse was celebrated alongside Mickey Mouse in the 90th Spectacular! special on ABC. Minnie walked in parades in theme parks across America, signed autographs, had special memorabilia made in her honor, and was featured in the television program that helped celebrate her beau, Mickey.

Here's to you, Minnie Mouse! You have and will continue to be such a staple in everyone's lives. Make sure to visit Treasure Island Gifts at 12399 State Road 535 in Orlando, Florida 32836.

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