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Whats next for Mickey!?

Although the 50th Anniversary celebration actually happens October 23, 2021, the race is on for Disney World hotel room sellout, and rumors have it that sold-out Haunted Mansion merchandise is still available, but you may not know for real until after the Disney World  D23 Expo occurs August 23-25, 2019 when major changes, additions, including expansions become officially known. Tickets to the D23 Expo are completely sold out. So, it may not be rush yet but should you plan upon being a part of the major Disney World events and new horizons through 2021, maybe for you, family and friends this could be a good time to get started. Rumors are widespread about what's up in the Disney World Theme Park world. When you reach the end of 2022, and expecting the 50th celebration to still be kicking up its heals, an early start in 2021 will show the big world of Disney climbing mountains as the new Tron Mountain is under construction and expected to be a big part of the celebration. With smaller improvements, Epcot's two new attractions, the Thunder Mountain expansion, enhancements to Peter Pan's Flight, serious changes overall to Fantasyland, as would be expected, the 50th celebration will amount to a big spectacular and not to be missed affair. Expected is a new fireworks show, new floats added to the daytime parade and a new nighttime parade which remains as a question mark because of the the discussion that remains surrounding plans regarding the electrical parade. So, you can see there's much to talk about as the world of Disney all over reaches higher and higher for its continued and inspiring success far beyond its world of imagination. Not to be left out, are all those who hope you will remember them with things bearing the Disney name. A treasured place to venture locally that will give you the thrill of picking things naturally that are Disney, close to the world renowned theme park, and affordable, is the Treasure Island Gift Shop at 12399 State Rd 535, Orlando, Fl 32836. Focus for the 50th celebration is mostly expected at the Seven Seas Lagoon resorts and the Magic Kingdom. Improvements for the extravaganza both now and later into 2022, aren't limited as Expo D23 officially announces its worldly role in making it known, that Walt Disney must have envisioned when his Florida experience began that his creations, imagination and life had a permanent horizon in our hearts and minds. This is another time when we can take heed of the legacy and of the joy we all inherit from the good that Walt Disney contributed.  Looking forward, with the Disney World we know, rumors become a part of reality and for the next few years, the goals remain as both a friend of the community, of much fun and exciting, original entertainment..

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